Naara-Aaba is the first ever Pure and Organic kiwi wine in India. The name of the brand is a tribute to Rita’s late father-in-law who relished the local wines. He was lovingly known as Naara-Aaba. Kiwis have always been considered an exotic fruit. Imported to India from New Zealand, Italy and Chile, Kiwi was never thought of being an indigenous fruit. This was mostly because most of us are unaware that the hills and valleys of Arunachal Pradesh too, grow this fruit. Though kiwi was grown in abundance here, Kiwi farmers are unable to explore its full potential as a raw fruit in terms of market and price. Most of it was left to rot in the ground or fed to animals, as a result, most of the Kiwi orchards were abandoned by the farmers.  Being a farmers daughter this was a very bad sight for us personally. We totally understood their hardships & wanted to uplift them through our venture

Making wine was the best option to solve the farmer’s problems and also to preserve its nutritional value. Drinking wine is a tradition in tribal culture but preserving the drink for a long duration was not possible because of lack of modern wine-brewing methods. Our kiwi wine was the perfect solution to this gap between tradition and technology.”

Our fruits are completely organic and do not use any chemicals for cultivation. “The unit does not generate any pollution,” Provisions are kept for suitable pollution control measures as prescribed by norms and applicable to these type of industries… The pollution control measures such as the adoption of good manufacturing practices for a cleaner production system and planned social forestry around the unit are observed.”

 Our unconventional method of reviving kiwi production has definitely brought prosperity to their valley as farmers who had given up on their fruit farms due to low demand have gone back to growing kiwi.

Naara Aaba is an attempt to preserve the fruit in its best form and taste. Naara Aaba wine retains all the nutrients of fresh fruit in the most organic manner and taste. It comes with an environmentally conscious practice and trend. Its endeavour is to lead our energetic villagers, young and old towards self-employment, the dignity of labour, sustainable and progressive farming life.


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